What is Missional Voices?

“This is the heart of the Jesus movement. And it will turn the world, and the Church…upside down, which is really right side up.”

– The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry

Missional Voices began with a simple question: What if God is up to something really big and global but it can only be discovered through the small and local? It was through the exploration of that question that Missional Voices was born…

…a gathering for the sake of reimagining church and transforming neighborhoods.

Missional Voices exists to help turn the Church inside out. We aim to connect church leaders, students, entrepreneurs, artists, community organizers, non-profit leaders, church planters, and everyday innovators in The Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion – anyone pursuing the mission of God in their context.

Our Mission:
To be a hub of conversation about reimagining Church and transforming neighborhoods, inviting lay and clergy leaders to listen, experiment, and share their knowledge.

Our Vision:
MVNG will provide a dynamic mix of participatory environments, insights from seasoned leaders, and rich storytelling. Every aspect of the organization will be intentionally designed to engage, encourage, and empower innovative, missional practitioners as they go about practicing the way of Jesus. We seek to convene a diverse cross-section of leaders to meet new colleagues, learn from one another, and be reinvigorated to join in God’s mission of reconciliation and renewal for the very particular place they call home.

Our Values:

Our Voices:
Theological: What is the mission of God?
Contextual: What is God already doing – or wanting to do – in our neighborhoods?
Incarnational: How can we partner with God in our neighborhoods?